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Turn warehouse management
into fulfillment optimization.

If you’re not optimized, you’re wasting time and resources. Syncontext SKUstream™ combines management system data with proven analytics to vastly improve your operation.

What is Syncontext SKUstream™?

If your distribution network is like most, inefficiencies in your operation could be costing you millions of dollars each year. We’ve built a powerful solution that helps you see new opportunities that could double your efficiency, shrink your capital expenditure and cut your costs.

Developed over years of research by a team of industry experts, SKUstream™ simplifies the complex process of optimizing logistics resources. Powered by highly customizable, proprietary algorithms, it has delivered proven value through multiple client implementations, and continues to be supported by best-of-breed productivity results.

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Five Solutions in One

Created by fulfillment and supply chain professionals, SKUstream™ is designed to help you optimize your supply chain at every level. Whether you’re simply reslotting, reconsidering your warehouse or process, or building something new, Syncontext and SKUstream™ will help you uncover new opportunities to improve, optimize and save.

1. Distribution Center Design

2. Logistics Resource Planning

3. Process Optimization

4. Warehouse Optimization

5. Engineered Slotting

1. Distribution Center Design

Start strong and
save a fortune.

  • Conceptualize and design your distribution center based on your operational data and requirements
  • Determine your required footprint, dock doors, racks, staging space and more
  • Design a distribution center to ensure maximum productivity and capacity utilization
  • Evaluate alternatives and potential performance in terms of productivity, capital required, and capacity

2. Logistics & Resource Planning

See the bigger picture,
today and tomorrow.

  • Outstanding insight on logistics resources based on growth projections or changes in strategy
  • Don’t miss a thing with in-depth resource analysis that includes space, material handling equipment, racking, automation, building enhancements and staffing
  • Make informed decisions for future growth, with insights on organic growth, store or customer growth, cross or omni-channel growth, or strategy changes around distribution channels, assortment or service levels.

3. Process Optimization

Smarter software leads
to smarter decisions.

  • Optimize your fulfillment processes and compare the potential efficiencies found in different material handling systems, technologies or practices
  • Workshop potential savings between conventional storage vs. automation, paper-based operations vs. voice-directed vs RF scanning, discreet order picking vs. batch picking vs. AB picking, or fixed vs. floating slotting
  • Make informed decisions based on good/better/best scenarios and industry best practices

4. Warehouse Optimization

Run a tighter operation.

  • Develop tactical plans based on real-world data, years of industry experience and testing, and proven mathematical formulas
  • Generate detailed designs for an optimized facility
  • Discover new opportunities and optimize your warehouse layout, pick paths and flow patterns, numbering schemes, selection zones, storage zones and rack profiles

5. Engineered Slotting

Everything optimized
and in its place.

  • Avoid costly and disruptive mass reslots with efficient and economical daily slotting activities.
  • Maximize productivity, ergonomics, product integrity and more with multi-variate algorithms and optimized slot assignment.
  • Intelligent item sequencing based on crushability, stackability, ergonomics, store planograms and more
  • Eliminate wasted space with layouts based on your actual facilities and physical constraints
  • Efficient and reliable changeover management through auto-updating execution tracking lists