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a leading manufacturer of power solutions

After expanding their warehouse, this leading manufacturer needed to consolidate 2 facilities and 14,000 SKUs, and improve inventory accuracy and productivity.

Data-driven design and implementation

This leading manufacturer needed a smarter way to simplify, optimize and improve their warehouse operations.


Setting up a consolidated facility with thousands of SKUs is a complex task, and risking a decline in productivity and service levels from the new facility was not an option. The leadership team needed to turn this project into an opportunity, and knew they had to rethink the design and implementation process.

After learning about our data-driven approach to fulfillment operations design, they selected Syncontext to help them design and implement their operations leveraging our technology and improve their efficiency.


After an assessment of the requirements based on operational data, the numbers were clear. There were opportunities to dramatically improve efficiency by introducing new material handling systems but also improve productivity by rethinking the way SKUs were laid out and slotted.

Beyond operational benefits, there were opportunities to improve space utilization and provide room to grow.

  • Assessment of improvement opportunities with Syncontext analytics capabilities
  • Consolidation planning and layout
  • Operation sizing and implementation
  • Optimal SKU slotting based on popularity, size and sequencing


Using Syncontext solutions, they were able to identify the optimal size for the consolidated operation, the best material handling system and the perfect slot for every SKU in their facility based on popularity, size, and item sequencing, leading them to completely rethink their layout.

And with the help of our support team, they were able to successfully make it a reality on time and budget.



improvement in productivity and inventory accuracy

through data-driven layout, slotting, and new handling systems

2 to 1

facility consolidation

by improving efficiency and introducing new material handling systems


on time, and on budget

through comprehensive cooperation and support

Final Thoughts

Organizing thousands of SKUs in a way that maximizes productivity can be a complex endeavor. With Syncontext’s solutions they could not only optimize the design of the operation but also how each SKU is handled.

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