- Case Studies -

a leading west coast grocer

120 retail locations, 6 distribution centers across 10 states

Filling gaps for fulfillment optimization

This leading west-coast grocer had 18,000 SKUs, a greenfield facility equipped with different types of automation, and an in-house system that needed upgrading.


To optimize an entire facility, you need to consider a lot of variables. This leading west-coast grocer used different types of automation and conventional equipment to pick and ship both fast- and slow-moving SKUs. Their in-house system had been effective in the past, but with a new, more complex environment they knew there were gaps, and that operations managers weren’t getting the full picture.

They needed a comprehensive customized solution, and they needed it yesterday.


Daily slotting decisions were being made without the full picture, either because important calculations took too long, or simply because the system didn’t account for all of the trade-offs normally encountered in a facility—especially ones that reach seven figures. We knew that in-depth analytics were vital if we wanted to avoid automated module bottlenecks.

By integrating our technology to their existing systems and daily jobs, many analyses and decisions were performed by algorithms. This meant optimizing their operations became a simple, everyday task.

  • Highly customizable data integration
  • In-depth analytics and modeling capabilities
  • Optimized slotting for 18,000 SKUs
  • Synchronization of automated and conventional areas
  • Reduced travel time, replenishment and fingerprinting
  • Full-picture decision-making
  • 4 week roll-out for each additional facility


Thanks to Syncontext's customizable solution, we were able to work closely with their team to fill the gaps in their data, establish parameters, and identify the perfect slot for all 18,000 SKUs. Product sequencing improved, travel time was reduced, and their operations managers were finally given the right insight and the right tools to make the right decisions.

With Syncontext’s in-depth training and support, we were able to roll it all out in just 4 weeks for each additional facility.



optimization levels, 3 years and counting

with customized, synchronized solutions


network efficiency improvement

in just 4 months with in-depth training and support


mass re-slots required

saving time and money while avoiding disruptive changes

Final Thoughts

This retailer’s leadership knew that a better perspective and more actionable data was all that was needed to set them up for success. With Syncontext’s custom solutions, no supply chain is too complicated, and results are guaranteed.

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The beauty of our system is it’s entirely based on your company’s real-world data and proven algorithms, no guess work involved. Give us two months of data, we’ll run the numbers, and you’ll learn exactly how much you could be saving each week.

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