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[Register Now] Transforming Operations: Strategies for Distribution Leaders Taking Charge of New Operations

Join us on Friday for a discussion on strategies for distribution leaders taking charge of new operations or networks.

The role of a Distribution/Logistics Leader, be it Vice President of Operations/Logistics or Distribution Center Director, is a critical one, responsible for ensuring that an organization’s products or services flow seamlessly from production to the hands of customers or end-users. As a new Leader in this role, your arrival marks a significant opportunity to make a lasting impact on the company’s success. To transform operations into a high-performing entity, you need a strategic roadmap that prioritizes efficiency, quality, and relationships. This roadmap should be based on an unbiased, data-driven, evidence-based assessment, providing a clear understanding of opportunities within the logistics function, but it doesn’t stop there.

Whether you’re new to an organization, operation, or are taking on new responsibilities as a logistics / distribution leader, this is must watch content. We’ll discuss the steps that need to be taken from initial assessment to building the right team around you and, ultimately, executing on your strategy.

If you received your confirmation email you will receive a link to access the webinar one-hour prior to the event.

If you don’t have a confirmation email but would like to access the webinar email us at info@syncontext.com

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