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Case Study: Day-to-Day Slotting Maintenance

Would you spend 50 minutes to put $36,386 back into your budget?

A mass re-slot can be a relatively quick way to optimize and organize your facility; however, it can be cumbersome and disruptive to your operation.  A mass re-slot is typically done when the operator has no other option.

Why wait that long?

We put together a short case study to illustrate how granular SkuStream gets when it comes to quantifying and reporting real tangible savings from day-to-day slotting maintenance.

In this case, it took less than an hour (and 13 items) for our client to realize $36,386 in annual savings.

Let’s get into the numbers:

This evaluation was primarily focused on highlighting items currently located in slot types that, based on pre-determined and customizable rules, have been deemed to be too small. 

Typically, these items are fast-moving and generate a high number of fingerprinting, putaway and letdown tasks.

SkuStream also evaluates items that are deemed to be in slot types that are too big, unnecessarily elongating your pick line and wasting valuable storage space.  In this case, a reduction in selection travel will be quantified and reported.  As order selection typically makes up more than 50% of total direct labor hour distribution, a reduction in selection travel can also yield significant savings.

Other important evaluations provided by SkuStream include:

–  Heavy items in non-ergonomic slots

–  Out-of-zone items

–  Underutilized pick slots

–  Items with no slot number

So, the question is:  would you spend 50 minutes to put $36,386 back into your budget?


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