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When to automate a distribution center

When to add automation and when to consider the alternatives

Knowing when automation is right for a distribution center boils down to desirability, that is whether or not it is recommended for an operation in terms of its benefits, and readiness or the degree in which an operation can integrate automated solution at a particular time.

Based on this experience, we created the Automation Desirability & Readiness Matrix to help determine the degree of likelihood for an operation to obtain a good ROI from implementing automated solutions and whether or not it is ready for it in order to determine the timing and road map for future adoption.

In the case where it is not yet recommended for a distribution center to add automation, there are nonetheless, alternatives that can help reduce costs and improve efficiency and productivity as well as capacity utilization which should be considered.

But in all cases, these alternatives can often be implemented immediately and therefore should be considered even by companies for which automation is recommended but will not be available for a while.

To know when to harness the power of automation and when to consider the alternatives to increase efficiency, productivity, and capacity utilization in your distribution center, take the free assessment below.


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