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Watch our full WERCDX 2021 Session on YouTube!

Distribution strategy transformation

WERCDX 2021 is in the books!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank those in attendance who took the time to join our thought-leadership session on the final day of the conference, where we discussed an important case study from a recent e-commerce distribution strategy project. We had a great turn out.

The case study explored work done with a fast-growing North American health and wellness retailer with the ultimate goal of optimizing and rejuvenating its network-wide e-commerce distribution strategy during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The project came at a critical time when COVID-19 restrictions forced the closure of all its retail locations, pushing an already fast-growing e-commerce channel into high gear.

For those who did not attend WERCDX this year, or for those who did attend, but did not get to see our session live, we have some good news!

We’ve made the full session available on our YouTube channel.

Interested in learning more about the fulfillment optimization system that was used in this case study?

check out the following links:

What is a fulfillment optimization system?

Syncontext SKUStream

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