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Moving from warehouse management to fulfillment optimization

A short time ago, we had an opportunity to host a series of webinars for the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC). 

From the three webinars that we hosted, one topic seemed to stand out the most.

How to move from warehouse management to fulfillment optimization.

Now, although the term “optimization” is passed around quite generously these days, the idea of this session – and the thought behind all of our content, really – is to speak about the process of optimization as practically as possible.  If you follow this blog or our content on LinkedIn, you’ll know that we strive to make every bit of content as educational and actionable as possible.

This session is no different.

So, going back to the thought behind this webinar, and why it hit home with so many operators and executives that attended the live session.  Despite management systems being so widely adopted  – WMS’s and LMS’s – waste still runs rampant in the average fulfillment operation.  We’re talking about wasted product, wasted time, wasted movement, wasted space and, ultimately, wasted dollars.

Moving from warehouse management to fulfillment optimization means to not only embrace data but to develop positive habits that slowly and consistently move to toward your goals.

Without further ado, enjoy the webinar!


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