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Fishbone Friday: Lack of Storage Capacity in the Warehouse

Fishbone Friday header - lack of storage capacity in the warehouse

Storage Capacity in the warehouse

Welcome supply chain leaders, to the second edition of Fishbone Friday!

If you missed last week’s edition where we discussed possible root causes for product damage in the warehouse, you can find it here.

If this is your first time checking out Fishbone Friday, it’s a weekly deep-dive into the issues that are keeping YOU up at night and causing unnecessary waste in your distribution operations. For this deep-dive, we’ll be utilizing a fishbone diagram, also known as an Ishikawa cause-and-effect diagram.

If you haven’t utilized them before, fishbone diagrams are great brainstorming tools when trying to isolate the root cause of a recurring problem. For an operator, busy dealing with the typical day-to-day, it’s easy to apply superficial fixes to problems as they arise; however, these superficial fixes usually do little to solve the root cause of the problems, allowing them to surface again and again.

Let’s get into the topic of the week: lack of pallet position storage capacity within the warehouse. This is an issue that every distribution professional – executive or operator – can relate to. Without the right data, and the right tools, it’s tough to monitor regularly and oftentimes, the effects of poor capacity utilization are not noticeable by the naked eye until it’s too late.

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