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Case Study – A North American Wellness Retailer

Fast, scalable & agile e-commerce improvements

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With the pandemic disrupting its brick-and-mortar stores and overwhelming its e-commerce, this wellness retailer needed to quickly improve its fulfillment performance.


36% e-commerce productivity increase

73% peak-season turnaround time reduction.

67% increase in e-commerce order throughput

With retail orders grinding to a halt, and e-commerce orders up 500% over the previous year, the executive team knew they had to act fast to ensure existing processes and equipment could keep up with this ‘new normal’, but also remain scalable and agile should this shift to e-commerce continue through the business’ typical peak season.

Syncontext was asked to perform a detailed review of existing systems, technology, and processes to increase space utilization and overall shipping throughput capabilities.

But, that’s them…

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