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Case Study – A Fast Growing U.S. Grocery Retailer

Data-guided growth and expansion

Find the full case study on our website: a fast-growing U.S. grocery retailer

This fast-growing grocer needed guidance on how to intelligently invest their dollars and expand their distribution capabilities.


13% improvement in direct labor productivity and better financial alignment

$4 million in annual savings + improved service levels

With throughput requirements increasing rapidly due to consistent retail network expansion, this retailer quickly began experiencing capacity constraints and all the associated adverse labor efficiency affects.

With a marked increase in direct labor tasks associated with putaway and replenishment, along with a noticeable surge in dock and staging lane congestion, they quickly realized their operation was not scalable.

Syncontext’s solution was selected to not only help determine a scalable and effective growth plan, including facility sizing and optimal material handling solutions, but also to help track financial performance and forecast requirements in a more scalable and proactive way.

But, that’s them…

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