The Missing Link Between Supply

Chain Operations & Finance

Thank you for joining us for our webinar.   Fill out the form below and we will send you the following resources that will assist you and your team in creating an agile financial cycle in your own operation and ultimately connect the missing link between supply chain operations and finance. 

Shift Planning Template

Our shift planning template will provide you with the basics that are needed to not only properly estimate direct labor requirements for each shift based on expected inbound/outbound volumes, but it will also help bring cost to the forefront of each and every shift.

While we would recommend something more in-depth than this template when it comes to building your own shift planning process, this template will guide you in the right direction. 

Change Management Checklist

Our change management checklist will provide you with a listing of the 7 critical milestones that you will encounter though your journey of building an agile financial cycle.  Print this resource out and check off each milestone as they are completed.

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