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Supply Chain Brain - New Generation of Logistics Execution Systems

Our President and CEO, Hector Orozco, sits down with Russell Goodman of Supply Chain Brain at the CSCMP Edge 2019 Supply Chain conference in Anaheim, California, to discuss the new generation of logistics execution systems.

The conventional management system is a necessary and reliable tool for the average warehouse operation, which is why these systems have been so widely adopted and trusted to run logistics operations of all shapes and sizes.

However, in order to increase competitiveness, companies now have to go above and beyond these systems to improve supply chain performance and gain an edge. This is why warehouse optimization systems are emerging as the next generation of logistics execution systems.

While management systems help run the day to day operation of a warehouse, and are critical to the flow of product, information and resources, optimization systems change the setup in which management systems operate with the ultimate goal of improving efficiency and optimizing resources by analyzing transactional data and recommending changes that affect the design and day-to-day operation of the facility.

These recommendations can include changes to how SKUs are stored in the facility, optimal travel patterns for order selectors, optimal pallet configurations, optimal material handling equipment and much more.

Adoption levels of these optimization systems are increasing due to advances in technology which are making them accessible to operations of all sizes and levels of complexity. Increasing ROI and ease of implementation also make these systems more and more viable and budget-friendly.

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