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How Agile is your Labor Reporting?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Looking for a competitive advantage? Start by removing the delta between strategy and execution.

The planning / reporting cycle of most companies often looks the same:

  • Scheduling of personnel happens weekly

  • Labor productivity is periodically throughout the shift

  • Overtime is approved toward the end of the shift, if needed

  • Financials are compiled at the end of the month after closing

  • Financial results are available often weeks after closing the month

In best-in-class operations, the planning / reporting cycle is agile:

  • Scheduling of personnel happens weekly – and refined daily through shift planning

  • Productivity is tracked in real-time throughout the shift

  • Output trends project overtime requirements prior to the shift starting

  • Before each shift, supervisors understand the impact of their shift plan in terms of labor costs and whether or not they are within expected productivity and budget goals

  • Financial results are available daily and aggregated weekly, monthly and quarterly, bringing cost-per-case front and center.

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